This set of exercises was made in order to propose the tools which would help to develop the emotional self-regulation skills and manage the everyday strain and tension. To make this possible, we need the skill to recognize (thus, to become aware of) what is going on with us at the particular moment in time, and to react skilfully and in accordance with the situation, so that we would manage our emotions and the situation in question in the most balanced way possible. 


In the exercises proposed here, relaxation, visualisation and awareness practice principles are used. What they have in common is their relaxing effect on the autonomic nervous system – helping the different organ systems and energy renew after stress, activating the release of the wellness hormone – endorphin, lowering blood pressure and slowing down the heart rate.

The aim of the exercises is reached if they are practised regularly, because only practice helps to develop the following skills:

  • notice and observe the stress signs in one’s body, emotions and mind;
  • use one’s breathing to help oneself calm down;
  • use one’s imagination in order to relax and have a rest;
  • guide one’s attention (by keeping or switching it) in order to do the self-regulatory exercises without turning the attention away. 

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