Rain of Laughter


Everybody knows that laughter often has a healing function. Laughing improves your mood and prompts the feeling of joy and happiness. Joy and humour promotes creativity, because the brain switches from the cognitive state of being stuck in rules and regulations to a fluid, relaxed state, when the entire body engages in “solving the problem”.

This exercise can help both improve your mood and lower the tension in the body, because it involves physical motion. 


  • Raise your arms up in front of you on the level of your shoulders, make sure that your arms are free and you can easily shake them.
  • With the sound “E-E-E-E”, start moving your arms while shaking them; gradually raise the volume and intensity of the sound “E”; then, during the culmination, clap your hands and say “ha”.
  • Then start massaging your arm lightly while you continue repeating the sound “ha-ha-ha”, slightly hitting your right arm with your left hand.
  • In such a way – with light patting movements – massage yourself in the direction from your left arm to your right arm.
  • Repeat the same activities with the other arm.
  • Then repeat the same activities with your chest, stomach and legs.
  • While patting yourself and continuing to call out the sounds, try sensing the echo of the sounds in your body and catch the seed of laughter.
  • Let yourself laugh if you wish so.