Positive Focus


We are able to perceive at least 7+/- 2 of information simultaneously. Throughout the years, we have all formed a particular habit – either to focus on positive information (I like) or negative information (where are the drawbacks and impeding causes?). It has been influenced by our experience, professional duties (prison guard, accountant, pilot, policeman, teacher, singer, painter etc.), emotions, training etc. If a necessity arises to change the focus of our perception from overly negative to a more positive one, you can practise this exercise.

The exercise is meant to train the focus of perception – to switch from negative to a perception of a positive, existing object in the surrounding environment (a room, a window, any space, a photo in front of you, any visible, tangible object, phenomenon).


  • Observe the space around you or the scenery outside the window and find an object that you like, that attracts your attention as something giving you strength and energy. Choose the object that will not disappear in a second (a bird); however, it can be moving (smoke, sunlight, clouds) or immobile (a tree).
  • Focus on this object for 3-5 minutes with a thought – at this moment, nothing else exists in the world, only this object which gives me energy, allows me to switch off the troubling thoughts here and now.
  • Breathe deeply while looking at this object, and, at the same time, think – it helps me, it makes me healthier, (calms me down and diverts me from stressful thoughts).