The laughter of a happy moment


Laughter often helps us to distance ourselves from a problem or forget about a hard moment, switch to something pleasant. It helps us to see things more lightly, step out of the box, in which we happen to be stuck during difficult times. Then we have an opportunity to look at the situation from a broader perspective. As we know, thoughts, emotions and behaviour are closely related. Memories about happy moments, when we felt good and joyful, can help us improve our emotional state and also change our behaviour.


  • Think of a moment or rather a situation from your life when you felt happy, loved, in a good company, were laughing together with someone else.
  • Linger over this memory for a moment to connect to it more closely.
  • Remember how you were smiling or laughing then, and (if it is easier to keep your eyes shut, you can surely do it),
  • start smiling and laughing like you were doing it then.
  • It can take you 1-1.5 minutes to connect with the memory/situation.

At the end of the laughing exercises – check your scale now – assess how you are feeling – on the scale from 1 to 10 

3 min.