The 3-minute pause exercise


This short exercise can help you to switch between the activities more successfully, quickly renew your attention and energy; however, it requires inner preparation – a skill to guide your attention. There will be participants, to whom this exercise may seem too fast, but to others – just fit to their pace ☺.

This exercise is well-structured and short, and can be useful in the situations when you have little time, but need to restore your energy and switch your attention efficiently from one activity to another. The instructions will guide your attention – firstly, for you to scan/sense your body and body sensations; then – to shortly concentrate your attention on the breathing rhythm, and finally – to open up your attention and sense your whole body at once. If you feel comfortable and secure in the place you are in, close your eyes. The exercise will take about 3 minutes.


  • Breathe in more deeply, breathe out and let yourself relax;
  • As if scanning, swiftly move your attention across your body – downwards, from the crown of your head… across your body… down to your feet… if you observe any tension – try to relax. Notice the emotional atmosphere in the background… (1 min);
  • Now focus your attention in the spot where you feel your breathing best – your stomach, chest or nostrils… slowly and calmly retain the attention in the breathing in – breathing out cycle (1 min);
  • Then open your attention widely and feel your body at once… as a whole single cell…, open the focus even more widely and hear the sounds around you (1 min);
  • Breathe in more deeply, pay attention to the weight of your body, move a little and open your eyes;