Warm-up activities


Just like for the physical activities, it is also necessary to warm up for laughing exercises:

  • Imagine that you are a cat who has just woken up and is starting the day. The cat wants to slowly stretch and only then start moving… try to sense this wish to stretch in your body now. With slow movements, start stretching – stretch in all directions, try to stretch all the muscles;
  • Shake your arms, legs, gradually shake your whole body;
  • Also, warm up your hands – rub them against one another, at first – slightly touching and slowly, then increasing the speed and the extent to which the hands are pressed against one another. Feel the warmth of your hands;
  • Now do the exercise with sounds HO HO HA HA – dynamically pressing the hands downwards (with your palms downwards), pronounce these sounds. If you feel dizzy, stop the exercise;
  • Continue the exercise at least 10 times with each sound
  • You can experiment, raising your hands up and sideways, as well as add the sounds Hi-hi – he-he. It is important that the movements and sounds are rhythmical and repeated at least 10 times each;