The two-minute vacation exercise


This visualization exercise uses power of the imagination to go back to a pleasant experience and use it as a resource in your everyday life. During this travel of imagination the participant is invited to go back to a real or imaginary vacation or holiday setting and experience it with all their senses. This will provide relaxation and restore their forces.

In this exercise, we will use imagination to remember a pleasant experience and go back to it. Our mind’s ability to imagine can bring us both pleasant and unpleasant moments, depending on what we imagine. In this exercise you will be invited to go on an imaginary travel to a real or imaginary vacation or holiday setting, where you can relax and restore your energy. Set yourself up as comfortably as possible, so that your body would relax and you would be able to close your eyes. The exercise will take about 7 minutes without haste, taking your time at each point).


  • Settle comfortably in a place where you are sitting or lying and let yourself relax;

  • Breathe in, breathe out and release the weight of your body, so that it sinks into the surface on which you are sitting or lying;

  • Allow your imagination to carry you to the best vacation or holiday setting – real or imagined;

  • And you are already there – observe this place – what you can see… colours… light… objects;

  • Listen to the sounds characteristic to this place;

  • Breathe in and sense the smells characteristic to this place, and, possibly, also the taste on your tongue;

  • Allow the warmth of the sun flow into your body – up to your preferred temperature;