Straining and relaxing the body


This practice should be used in situations when you are overwhelmed with stress, but you have to be able to operate at that moment; for example, right before serious negotiations, a challenging lesson etc. When we feel that our body is tense, it is more efficient to strain the muscles first and then relax them, because through this tenstion enhancement your body experiences the relaxation more vividly.

During the practice you don’t have to hold your breath - continue breathing during the straining moments, too, as much as it is possible.

Instructions (1-2 min)

  • Strain your entire body, starting from your feet and up to your head. You have to strain it so that the sensations are quite pronounced, but at the same time, “with self-love” – so that you do not get cramps;
  • Start with your feet and move upwards. Strain your toes, then feet, ankles, shins….. Feel as the tension, like a wave, rises up through your body….. Strain your thighs, sciatic muscles, thighs, sciatic muscles, stomach, chest, back, clench your hands into fists, strain your arms up to shoulders, neck, face, scalp……. Maintain the tension for several seconds……. then relax the whole body;
  • If necessary, you can swing the hands and shoulders, shake the tension off, helping your body to relax even more;
  • If necessary, repeat the whole process once or twice again;