Relaxing breathing


The aim of the exercise is to help one to relax, using both the switching of attention (to breathing) and the impact of conscious breathing on autonomic nervous system. For the energy to be restored, the autonomic nervous system has to switch from sympathetic (mobilizing) to parasympathetic activity, which moderates the body temperature and blood pressure and ensures the functioning of the digestive processes, relaxation and well-being. 

The skill to relax is very important, because the energy in our body is restored only during relaxation. The proposed exercise suggests to focus your attention on breathing which is a wonderful, always-present regulation tool for our physical and emotional state. Longer exhalations give a signal to our nervous system that one can relax, take a rest. Of course, a training for focusing your attention may be necessary, because there is a large probability that instead of following the breathing flow, we get carried away with different thoughts, memories, ideas etc. As soon as you notice that your attention has wandered elsewhere, kindly guide it back to feeling and observing your breathing. If you feel secure and comfortable in the place where you are, close your eyes. The exercise will take about 7 minutes.


  • Breathe in more deeply, allow yourself to relax 2X;
  • Let all the sounds and noises which you hear in the room to stay in the background;

  • Calmly, slowly turn your attention to breathing… notice your inhale and exhale… if it is hard to feel the breathing motion, put one palm on the stomach, the other – on the chest;

  • Lightly and gradually allow the exhale to become longer – easily, effortlessly;

  • Imagine your exhale as a relaxing wave that flows over your body and reduces the tension – in your shoulders and arms… your chest in the front and in the back… stomach… pelvis, legs… face muscles, forehead and eyes;

  • The exhalation wave washes away the tension and fills you with relaxation;

  • Notice the pause between the exhale and the next inhale – allow to immerse yourself and relax in this pause;

  • Pay attention to the sensations of your body, take a deeper breath, move a little, open your eyes and stretch!