My safe harbour


Visualization is one of the most powerful resources that helps to calm down the mind, slow down our troubled thoughts, diminish the stress reactions, increase our ability to relax and have a rest.

Unlike daydreaming, when we just allow our thoughts to wander somewhere, visualization is focused on guiding one’s imagination, choosing calmer and more peaceful imaginary settings in order to achieve a more relaxed state of mind.

Visualisation “My Safe Harbour” is suitable for situations when we are tired of interactions and responsibility, when we want to escape and hide somewhere so that we would not have to talk to anyone, solve any problems, take any responsibility or to execute any orders; when we want to be alone and have a rest.

Advice: Before you start the visualization practice, take care of your comfort, so that you could do it without being bothered. It is worth to remove the possible distractions – turn off the sound on your phone, put your pet in another room, ask other family members not to disturb you….

If we only do a couple of minutes long visualization in a stressful situation, it helps to reduce stress and feel better, but if we make more time for it (10 min), we give our mind and body an opportunity to experience a deeper calmdown and a more pronounced feeling of relaxation.

Also, while visualizing this safe hiding place in your imagination, let it come to you spontaneously, do not try to find “the best or the most suitable place”; accept if you cannot see this place at once. Simply trust yourself at that moment and give in to your imagination.


Instructions (~ 15 min)

  • Find a comfortable position (it can be while sitting, as well as lying), so that your body feels as comfortable as possible…… Make several deep breaths, and during exhalation, allow the extra tension in your body diminish, step back,  …… And, if you prolong your exhalation very lightly and slowly, you will notice that the body relaxes even more….. Relax your body weight, let it go, allow yourself to drown in the surface you are sitting or lying on……… Feel how your legs are relaxed, hips, stomach, back and chest are relaxed, shoulders, neck, face, scalp……… your whole body is calm and relaxed;
  • Imagine a place that you associate with peace, security, pleasant sensations, a place that is your secret spot/hiding place……… Maybe it is a real place, but it can also be an imagined one……… Maybe it is a house nobody knows about, maybe it is somewhere by the sea, maybe a meadow in the forest, a cave in the mountains or maybe something completely different, but it is a place where you feel very well, calm, it is your place;
  • Try to see – as clearly as possible, to the slightest detail – what objects there are, what the light looks like, what colours you can distinguish, what details you can observe……… what smells you can sense (maybe there is one distinct smell, but maybe there are several different ones) ……… what sounds you can hear……… (or maybe there is a complete silence)……… perhaps your body feels something else in particular – a touch of a surface, texture, airflow, temperature, or something else………
  • When you have seen and felt this place distinctly, give in to relaxation and the feeling of freedom in this place… … you have no responsibilities, there is no hurry, nothing to plan, you can switch off all communication devices if you want. Feel that here you can be yourself, feel undisturbed, there is a total freedom and peace……. Allow yourself to do there whatever you want……. Whatever brings you joy……. and you are also allowed to do nothing if you wish so;
  • Allow yourself to feel security, warmth, sense of fuifilment that this place brings you……. Allow this place to fill you up and charge you……. Notice where in your body you can feel this sensation of peace and freedom most vividly;
  • You know that this peaceful, special place will always wait for you there and you can go there anytime, whenever you need it;

Pay attention to your breathing, breathe in and breathe out calmly several times and, when you are ready, go back to your daily duties…….